The One About Stories We Tell

I love me some @MykeCole. And on one of my downward spiraling days he posted that a friend had told him “we are the stories we tell” in regards to complaining. Now I’ve let that simmer a bit in the back of the brainpan and I would both agree and disagree with him. Sometime we need to vent. It’s for our mental health. And it’s also one of the main ways military personnel know they’re still alive. There is a long and rich history of soldiers bitching about everything. EVERYTHING. Yeah, that too. Seriously. EVERYTHING.

But when it becomes the only thing you do, then there’s a problem. Sometimes it takes another person to tell you to shut up or do something about it. That’s where I am now. I am definitely doing something about it. I’m retiring.

Whoa, now. Dry your tears or put away the party favors, whichever one you’re thinking. I’ve got a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 10. Putting the expiration date on the day job has done fucking wonders for me.  This job, my third career, will not kill me. I will not die in the classroom waiting for someone to come relieve me so I can relieve myself.

And then I can feel a little better about giving time to my writing. It won’t be taking time away from anything or anyone else.

Meanwhile- go check out the new short story in Witches and Warriors for the Sirens Anthology.


TL;DR: Check yourself. If you’re bitching more than fixing, somethings wrong. Also, retirement – FUCK YEAH.


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