The One About Self Defense

Everyone should know what it feels like to ball up a fist and hit. I’m not saying anyone should like it, but you need to know how to do it without earning a boxer’s fracture. Even if you are a dyed in the wool pacifist, you may feel the need to save your neighbor, your child, your pet, spouse, bff – whatever.

To me, it’s like learning how to swim. You may hate swimming. You may choose to never get into a body of water your entire life. But I still think you should know how to swim. What happens if your plane goes down over the ocean?  How stupid would it be to survive the wreck only to drown because you’re ignorant?

I took self defense classes for years and became an instructor. We practiced what to do in a home invasion, if you’re robbed at gun point or knife point, and what to do in a bar fight. It always starts with a choice:

  1. Throw your wallet away from you and run.
  2. Do what they say and hope it’s over.
  3. Fight.

Being able to defend yourself doesn’t mean being openly aggressive. It doesn’t mean being an antagonist asshole. And it doesn’t mean killing the other person.

There’s a choice. There’s always a choice that has to be made in a split second. Go learn how to hit something.

TL;DR: Worry less and prepare more.


Also, don’t take Krav lessons at a Tae Kwan Do school. It’s not the same thing. That’d just be a Rook mistake.


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