The One About Journals

I’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of 53,000 notebooks, journals, comp books, and/or spirals scattered around my office, home, and car. Each of them hold half-baked or half completed story ideas. Some are just character ideas crammed between grocery lists and some are world building. Being allergic to styrofoam is just one of many ridiculous thoughts I recorded.

My journaling tends to look like this:

  • general notes and sensory observations of the world
  • things  seen or heard, felt or read – perhaps passages of other people’s writing, or turns of phrase
  • words and word-derivations that are new or interesting
  • facts that I want to remember
  • lines or phrases for a WIP
  • images: postcards, pictures, photographs that are in some way significant
  • descriptions or sketches of characters and places
  • notes about periods in recent or distant history
  • ideas and plot lines that might be useful in futureunnamed

Not the best ideas I’ve ever had, but proof that I do have them from time to time.

A friend told me about Evernote. Now I have the same problem only in digital form.Great. I’m a hoarder of mediocre ideas.

Recently I created a few boards on Pintrest for just story/novel ideas. The difference being that the imagery and organization works better for me. But then again, I seem to gravitate to anything that takes my attention from actually writing.



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