The One About Today

Your body knows. There are things you put things out of your mind with time, a few blind drunks, and the help of good friends. But the body remembers. It holds the pains and ills, the evils inflicted and those we inflict. Muscle memory is a thing, y’all. It’s alive and holding me hostage today.

Expected to do some things around the house and then run off to see The Maltese Falcon with the cool kids. Can’t. It’s a no go day.

It started with the stress in my shoulders. They feel like poured concrete now, ever stiffening, pulling everything taunt and out of kilter. Next came clenched teeth. Jaw muscles like golf balls. I am uncomfortable in my own skin.


DL;dr: Pictures say it all.

When you feel it coming down on you, listen to your body. BREATHE. Don’t go it alone, man. That’s a rook mistake.


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