The One About Chuck Wendig

As you know, Bob, I’ve been pretty serious over here. But today I just want to talk about books and writers, people that get it right, and what I’m reading, and my new obsession Chuck Wendig.

OK, screw most of that. Today I’m going to talk about Chuck.

I’d given up on reading for a while now. Don’t get me wrong, I still bought books and they’d pile up in the corners of the desk, around the edge of the tub, slip between the bed and end table, and basically be at the forefront of the Literacy for Dustbunnies program. I could say it’s because I’m so busy. But that’s not exactly the truth. Mainly it’s because I’d just gotten bored.

Bored? What the hell is wrong with me? Lots, of course, but that list is for another post on another day.

I found Chuck Wendig because we are a gamer family. As I perused one of the WW gaming books, I noticed his name. I liked the fluff section, the part of the books that sets the tone and gives you an idea of what running/playing in a game would be like, so I found his blog terrible minds and peered into his brain. I love it there.

I have a strange OCD type behavior when I find an author I like. I read everything they’ve written. Everything. It only feels creepy and stalkerish when I talk about it. Or like right now. I promise I’m not going to show up at the window of his writing shack in the woods and demand an ounce of blood for a ritualistic ceremony involving marigolds, crow feathers, gunpowder, a shovel, two pearls, dice, and a toy lightsaber to summon my own AWOL muse.

OK, maybe it’s a little early to make that promise.

All I’m saying is that if you haven’t read something the man’s written, I suggest you do.Unknown

TL;DR – Read Chuck Wendig

Don’t forget you need stories to survive. It’s a rook mistake.


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