The One About Vets and Martial Arts

I’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks with a nasty upper respiratory infection. Sidelined me.

Today’s been a lot of prepping for the return to normal, starting tomorrow, and that leads me to thinking. I’ve got this heavy bag that gets lonely. It’s behind a painting table and under a coat of dust. Thing is though, I miss it. On occasion, I’ve been known to set that thing to swinging and cussing it so bad, it’d blush if it could.

The bag though keeps me sane sometimes. When I feel that anxiety creeping up on me, I’ll knock the crap out of that thing.So some years ago, I got to thinking I should take a class. Wound up in Krav Maga. That pushed my buttons, terrified me, pissed me off,  and let me go at it.

I started to write about different martial arts and what might be good for vets, but did a search before I got too into it. Mr. Meyer at the Havoc Journal did a pretty good job of telling it like it is. Of course, he left out Krav, but I’ll forgive him for that.

Vets miss that automatic sense of belonging, knowing your place in the scheme of things. When I lived closed in, DFW Krav Maga gave me a little of that back.

TL;DR: Being physical helps combat anxiety. Give martial arts a try.

Oh and don’t rewrite what’s already written.  You’ll waste your time and annoy folks. It’s a rook mistake.



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