The One About the Memorial

Our family tradition is service. We are teachers, firefighters, arson investigators, soldiers, police officers, county commissioners, marines, fire marshals, farmers, and pastors.  We may not be wealthy, but we are the people who will stop and help you change a tire on the interstate.  We’ll help you corral those calves that got out.  We’ll teach you how and then pray for you to pass your next test. We serve.

Out in the big city of Paris is a war memorial they’ve set up to honor vets and those that served and lost their lives.  My mom went out and took a few pictures.  Got me a little choked up, to tell the truth, so I thought I’d share them.

.983765_824177370933906_5383193168604510971_n 10625133_824178210933822_194268296989916624_n 10409508_824179050933738_3369480653542572748_n 1451527_824178040933839_8465328100137679527_n 10516869_845625872122389_2431348167254387224_n


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