The One About Promoting Yourself

Nothing turns me off from buying someone’s word baby more than authors hawking them incessantly on everyone’s feed. I don’t want to feel like I’m being hit up by a used car salesman every time I log on to Facebook. (Which  I should probably do more often) I’d rather have cited rap battles over the use of the Oxford comma ,than have someone tell me how good they are at anything – including writing.

What do I know about self promotion? Only what I don’t like.

I suck at it. Currently, I have nothing to promote, other than my fantastic sarcasm skills (which are always for hire), but I do try to make sure I give shout outs to people when they have something released. These are in my recently read/bought pile:

Angeline Hawkes has Out of the Garden 

Rie Sheridan Rose has The Marvelous Mechanical Man

A. Lee Martinez has Divine Misfortune

Brian Harmon has Rushed

Shawn Scarber has Strange Afterlives

Tex Thompson has Medicine for the Dead the sequel to One Night in Sixes

TL;DR – Support the writers you like by promoting them on your feed.  Don’t be a swaggering jackass about your author-type abilities.  It’s a rook mistake.


One thought on “The One About Promoting Yourself”

  1. Self-promotion is a necessary evil, but only to a certain extent. I hate it, it’s not my normal modus operandi, but I do let people know I write books. On the other hand, I try not to be a horse’s butt about it.

    And I like the Oxford comma. 😉

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