The One About Serving

I haven’t seen American Sniper.  It’s a choice.

On the radio this morning, Chris Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle was promoting The Frog Foundation. It was created to help families, because when one person serves, the whole family serves. Before I get dependapotamus comments, let me explain. The sigother serves by accepting that they are a second class citizen on post and they do it alone when the enlisted is deployed & may not come back. They serve by knowing that their home on post disappears almost immediately if their soldier is killed. Kids serve too. They live without the other parent and no matter the age, they know there’s a chance that they will lose him/her. You can’t live on post long before someone they’re in class with moves away because their service member isn’t coming home.

So let’s say, the stars align and sun shines on that soldier’s homecoming. Now everyone has to get accustomed to life together again – at least until the next deployment. It’s stressful. It can break families apart.

I don’t know much about the Frog Foundation, but I did find their mission:

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation will achieve this through experiences that:

  • Provide time and space to reconnect after deployment without the distractions of everyday life
  • Provide power to return to the ‘family unit’
  • Provide new common ground after military involvement

It’s a worthy endeavor.  I donated a few bucks this morning.

TL;DR – When a soldier serves, the whole family serves and homecomings are stressful.

Don’t expect situation normal when you return.  It’s a rook mistake.


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