The One About Normal White Women

Oh my geez.  Are you kidding me?  Like Texas doesn’t have enough trouble with looking stupid (Thanks, Ted Cruz et al) and racist (I swear we’re not all like that), these women decided to go “slumming” in Oak Cliff and proceed to explain to a guy why OC was the hood.  I can promise you she does not represent me, nor does she represent anyone I’m friends with here in Texas or anywhere else for that matter.  I can also promise you that she has never actually seen any hood – except that of her SUV.

When she reaches out and touches the guy’s dreadlocks, that’s when I realized that he was a better person in that situation that I would have been.

But it’s clear now what the Texas legislature has to do.  Everyone needs to write their representative and call for a ban on fringe boots.  It’s the only way to keep the hood safe.

TL;DR: That woman doesn’t represent me and fringe boots are bad, OK?


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