The One About Food in Sci-Fi

Now this may be a series as I do some research. But staring at a big egg breakfast with chicken fried steak bigger than my plate (and my stomach) has got me to thinking about the foodie aspect of science fiction.  I know lots of fans are foodies and some are not.  But other than an occasional glimpse at what’s for dinner during a big political hoohaw or on Ten Forward, I can’t really think of food playing much of a role in my reading/watching.  Like, I said, I’m probably wrong and I have done 0 research on the subject.  Don’t crucify me.  I’m just typing up thoughts in my favorite DFW diner and mopping up the grease that’s pooling on my home fries.  That said, point me in a direction if you’ve got a favorite food sc-fi or even fantasy story.  I’m interested.

Help me, Lord Insulin.  You’re my only hope.

(The above is a joke.  I take my diabetes as seriously as Wilford Brimely takes his mustache.)


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