The one about social media idiots…

Come on, guys.  If you type things you wouldn’t say to someone’s face, stop.  I’m a parent and I’m not as media social as most people I know, but I’m not a insensitive inflamed asshole either.  Reading about Curt Schilling’s experience makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with the world my son is growing up in.

In our extended family, we only have boys.  Nephews and cousins – all male and under 13.  We raise them to think before they speak.  It’s an acquired skill and one they’re still acquiring.  They weren’t born with it. If they had their way, it’d be Twinkies for every meal and poo flinging competitions instead of 5th grade.  But they would never say anything so disgusting and callous about a girl – whether they knew her or not.  And at least one of them would let loose a loaded cuss-cannon of vulgarity directed at anyone who would say such things.  (Hey, they’re not perfect.  We’re working on it.)

Their excuse though is that they’re kids.  They have mistakes to make based on a lack of wisdom that can only come from age and experience.

I cannot understand those men-shaped flesh bags.  And I don’t want to.


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